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Avant-Première: Djily MBAYE

Event 16 Nov 2023, 15:31

In the presence of the film crew

The documentary directed by Aramis traces the extraordinary life of El hadj Djily, a billionaire, philanthropist and man of God whose journey inspires respect and admiration. Through unpublished testimonies and images never revealed to the general public, the director immerses us in the world of this extraordinary character who knew how to measure his fortune in the service of others and his faith. In 1 hour and 20 minutes, the film takes us to meet those close to El hadj Djily, his partners and the beneficiaries of his charitable actions. Exclusive interviews with eminent personalities of the country enrich the portrait of this exceptional man, revealing the multiple facets of his personality and his commitment to the most deprived. Through previously unseen archive images and sequences filmed in symbolic places in the life of El Hadj Djily, the documentary offers a fascinating insight into the intimacy of this billionaire like no other, who knew how to reconcile material wealth and spirituality. .

El Hadj Djily Mbaye

El Hadj Djily Mbaye

Release date : 24 Nov 2023

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